Heart Healing and Freedom

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Free Audio Chapters from the book The Heart Healing Journey

Chapter 13: The Power of Self Acceptance

Chapter 14: Your Need for Patience

Chapter 15: What Does Love Say?

The Heart Healing Journey Material

The Heart Healing Journey Book

The Heart Healing Journey Vol 1 – FREE Online Course

The Heart Healing Journey Vol 2 – Online Course

The War Over Your Heart

7 Ways the Enemy Will Seek to Attack the Life of Your Heart

Watch Over Your Heart (Proverbs 4)

Experiencing Loving Acceptance

It’s OK that You’re Not OK

My Struggle to Recieve God’s Loving Acceptance

Your First Step: Loving Acceptance

What Self-Acceptance is and What it is NOT

9 Battles that Happen When You Do Not Practice Loving Acceptance

7 Ways to Practice the Power of Loving Acceptance

Experiencing Healing Patience

What You Need is Patience

The Healing Power of Patience

How Long Will It Take to Get Free?

Experiencing Healing Kindness

Need Direction? Tune Into the Kindness of God for Your Journey

The Transforming Power of Kindness

Healing to the Broken Heart

How’s Your Heart?

Your Need for Heart Healing

Give Your Heart Permission to Heal

What is a Broken Heart?

5 Ways Your Heart is Broken

8 Signs You Have a Broken Heart

11 Symptoms of a Broken Heart

Shepherding the Life of Your Heart

Heart Awareness

7 Signs You Are Living with Heart Awareness

A Dull Heart with a Head Full of Knowledge

A Heart Connected Relationship with God

Making Priority for Your Heart

Making the Heart Connection

Why We Cannot Ignore the Health of Our Hearts

Heart Healing Recognition

The Two Biggest Questions You Carry in Your Heart

12 Signs You Are Developing a Healthy Emotional Heart Life

When You Feel Like You’ve Lost Your Way

Healing Through Pain and the Past

6 Reasons Why We Avoid Emotional Pain

Three Things to Do With Your Emotional Pain

Two Dysfunctional Responses to Pain

2 Unhealthy Perspectives About Your Past

Spiritual Heart Disease

The 6 Stages of Spiritual Heart Disease

Healing The Detached Heart

When the Heart Shuts Down

5 Deadly Consequences of a Hard Heart

Getting to the Heart Issues

Addressing the Root Issues of Your Heart

Stop Chasing Symptoms and Get to the Root Issues

Heart Healing Application

6 Practical Tips for Healing Your Heart

Allowing God to Heal Your Relationship References

Practices that Heal the Heart

How to Heal a Numb or Checked Out Heart

10 Steps for Healing a Broken Heart

10 Reasons Why a JOURNEY MINDSET is So Important for You

Highly Sensitive Person

Living Powerfully with a Sensitive Heart

That Time I Couldn’t Stop Crying

Specific Heart Healing

Healing Your Father Wounds

Healing Your Mother Wounds


Your Need to Grieve

That Time I Couldn’t Stop Crying

10 Ways to Grieve without Going into Pity