Is OCD a Demon?

A common question that arises with Christians and obsessive compulsive struggles is they often ask, “Is this a demon? Is this an evil spirit?” The feelings, emotions and disturbance that erupts with obsessions can make someone feel so overwhelmed that they wonder if the obsession is a result of spiritual warfare. In this broadcast, I […]

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OCD, Fear, Control and Exposure Therapy

I want to address a question about exposure therapy to bring out how to work through control issues and the fear that drives control. OCD is rooted in control issues, which are driven by fear. Letting go of control is essential for facing fears and experiencing greater freedom. Exposure therapy, where individuals confront their fears […]

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Do You Need Exposure Therapy?

Exposure Therapy

Do you find that in your journey of working through anxiety, phobias or OCD that you need exposure therapy? I have quite a number of people who have asked me to address the subject of exposure therapy. What is it? Is it ok to do? In this broadcast, I want to talk about exposure and […]

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