Healing Your Father Wounds

Many struggle to receive the beauty of God’s love for them. The reality is, the father wounds they carry prevent them from connecting God as a Father.

As you move yourself towards the root system of heart healing, there are some important questions you’ll need to address. They may be challenging to consider, yet they reveal the core issues that need tending to. 

God is a Father, so learning who He is as a good and loving Father will lead us to address our father wounds.

Father Wound Questions

So one of the first question you’ll need to ask in your heart healing journey is, “What was your relationship with your earthly father like?” The more you can answer this honestly, the better you can address what your heart needs. 

The father relationship sets the foundation for how we see ourselves and how we process love in life.

Here are some further questions:

  • Was he a spiritual leader in your home? 
  • Did he express his love for you in his words and actions? 
  • Was he easily accessible when you needed him? 
  • Was he a safe place of love?

Did Your Father Equip You?

Most of all, did your father equip you to enter the world as an overcoming adult? All effective parenting is meant to transition you into adulthood with tools to face life effectively. The father is meant to be the leading source of equipping in this area. 

What Did You Do and Become?

As you recognize the wounds you carry regarding your earthly father relationship, there are some other questions you can ask.

  • Where do you seek to find love and validation, stemming from the lack of a father’s love and approval in your life? 
  • Where do you live with a performance driven lifestyle
  • What role did you take on to try and feel loved and validated, as a result of your father wound? 

Where All Healing Begins

All healing of the heart begins with healing the father wound. He is the one who was meant to establish love, identity and self-esteem in your life. His job is to set the grid of love in your heart so that you can relate to Father God in a healthy way and enter the world as an overcomer. 

The majority of problems in society stem back to the lack of a father’s love and investment in a child’s life. Most grow up without a healthy compass for love and identity, with little tools to overcome, stemming back to what they did not receive from their father. 

The Battle Over Our Fathers

The truth is, most dad’s struggle to be a powerful presence in the home because they were never given it themselves to begin with. They only gave out what they received. When it comes to loving and equipping his children, most dads don’t know what to do. Therefore, he often immerses himself in his work. Many fathers bail on the family completely. Most live very emotionally and spiritually passive, leaving the mother to carry a heavy load in the home. 

A large percentage of moms are left with most of the leadership burden in the household. Because of this, she is often exhausted, angry and even depressed. In the midst of this leadership absence, she takes on more than she was ever meant to. The mom will either become so distracted by her unhealed brokenness or she will stuff it all down and soldier on. Therefore, the children are not able to receive the full amount of nurture from her they were meant to.

So as you dive into your heart healing journey, what father wounds do you carry that God can begin healing today?

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