Practices that Heal the Heart

In a world that can often values surface image more than spiritual heart health, attention to matters of the heart must be something we daily pursue and steward. We must be intentional about this. Our hearts not only need healing, but regular nurturing and tending to. In doing so, here are some daily practices you can put into place that will help keep your heart healed and healthy. 

1. Remain Humble

Because of brokeness and past hurt, a pride can develop in our hearts, keeping people from seeing our weakness or flaws. This keeps true humility away. Biblical humility is not self-deprication, as some show. Its simply living authentically in a true posture that is not superior to others or God. True humility can be felt and it cannot be faked. It usually involves accepting weakness, vulnerability and need in our hearts. We are not too far beyond needing the help of God and others. God loves it when we admit weakness and vulnerability! The Bible says He gives more grace to the humble, but He will resist the proud. (James 4:6)

2. Forgive Constantly 

You will be challenged constantly all day with experiences and thoughts that will cause you to become offended. This snare of offense leads us into planting a root of bitterness if we are not careful. Learning to forgive daily keeps bitterness and helps us to carry a constant lens of love and compassion for others. Our heart loves it when we forgive! It releases pressure off of us and detoxifies our system. 

3. Facing Your Hurts and Disappointments

We don’t like facing pain, but facing the deep issues of our life is good for the heart. It can be painful at first, but our hearts actually become stronger when we go through a divine healing process with God. Maturity comes when we learn how to process disappointment and even talk out our pain with God and others. We may weep for a while, but we come out of it stronger and more able to help others in their pain. 

4. Facing Fear

Jesus mentioned that in the last days, men’s hearts will fail because of fear. (Luke 21:26) I believe this is both spiritual and physical, especially because our spiritual heart condition affects our physical heart condition. But more than that, we must realize that fear will not go away from the world. it will grow and increase, but it does not have to rule over the people of God.

In this day and age, God is calling us to face our fears and overcome them, so that we will not be overtaken by fear when it crashes the minds and hearts of people of the land. Someone will need to be steady to help them in those times. Those who faced their own fears will be positioned to help minister hope. Facing what you fear is so heathy for your heart, because it brings spiritual fitness to your life. 

5. Taking Your Peace

Jesus told us, “My peace I give you” but it is my responsibility to “take it” each day. (John 14:27) Taking my peace is a daily practice. No matter what is going on and what may be bombarding my thoughts, I must learn to take hold of the peace of God. The peace of God in my heart is something I guard and treasure daily, as there are so many situations, people and circumstances that want to become “peace robbers” in my life. I must remain firm in taking my peace and keeping it. The peace of God will actually stand watch over your hearts and keep your mind guarded from interference. but we must practice this daily. (Philippians 4:7) 

6. Living in Rest

Rest is not just taking a nap or taking a vacation it is a lifestyle. While it is important to have daily, weekly and yearly times of rest, we must learn to live in a lifestyle, where “rest” is the condition of our hearts. The book of Hebrews commands us to remain in the rest of God, which involves taking our peace, while living at the pace that heaven has set for us. (Hebrews 4)

For so many, the hurried and driven pace by which we live does not produce the fruit of heaven. It can leave a bunch of man made works, but no lasting fruit and hearts that are stressed, overworked and overburdened. Those who live healthy and free know how to keep a way of life whereby they stay tuned to the pace of God in their life. 

7. Time with God

We still believe we can live healthy lives with great fruit without spending regular time alone with ourselves and with God. Every time we steal from this precious time, we cheat on the health of our hearts. This is not to be received with condemnation or guilt, it’s just important to love on the health of our spiritual hearts by spending proper time cultivating relationship and tend the soil of our hearts. 

Question: Which practice have you found to be the most helpful in the health of your spiritual heart?