10 Things You Need to Know About Your Emotions

Are you able to navigate the life of your emotions with fruitfulness and effectiveness? In all honesty, most of us have not had the kind of training and equipping that would help us navigate the thoughts and emotions that come our way. Today I want to talk about emotions by emphasizing ten things that are […]

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7 Reasons We Cannot Emotionally Settle

When many talk about their struggle to slow down and walk a more heart aware life, they often mention the inability to emotionally “settle.” In today’s video, I want to share about seven reasons why we can’t seem to settle and what it means for our journey. Video Broadcast: Watch on Rumble:   Recommended Resources:  […]

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Understanding Your Family of Origin

Family of Origin

If you want to experience healing and freedom in your mental, emotional and relationship health, you will at some point need to understand your family of origin and how it impacted your development. It is important to know where you come from and how it influences your current thinking, believing and style of relating. Your […]

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