Working Through Accusation and Being Misunderstood

Being Misunderstood

Today we address a question that was sent in about processing through accusation that can be felt from family and the emotional spinning you can fall into when feeling you are being misunderstood. Video Broadcast: OCD Help Page Mental Health Resource Page Recommended Resources:  Rejection Mindset To support future videos:  Consider a one-time donation. Become a monthly […]

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S09 Ep09: Toxic Family Gatherings

Toxic Relationships

Are your family gatherings wonderful and picture perfect? Well most people don’t relate to that, as many are deeply imprinted with the experience of toxic family gatherings that create obstacles and challenges to heart healing and wholeness. When it comes to family, there are a lot of factors that can kick up the brokenness and […]

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S07 Ep11: Addressing Your Questions on Fear – Part 2

Questions on Fear

In this part two Q&A on Turning Fear into Your Greatest Victories, I broadcasted a live solo episode to address more of your questions regarding fear and how to overcome specific areas in your life. I thoroughly enjoyed answering your questions and pray that help empower your life and journey. In today’s episode, I address […]

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7 Parental Traps Stemming from Brokenness

As a growing parent, I am continually in the fast lane of learning every day what it means to be an effective parent. So much wisdom is needed, and nothing can fully prepare you for the journey ahead. I find I am in a constant laboratory of growth, learning what is effective and what is […]

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