The Healing Power of Patience

This episode begins a series “What Does Love Look Like,” based on 1 Corinthians 13. I want to bring out some of the most importance aspects of love that you and I need in our healing and freedom journey.

When we look to experience healing, freedom and transformation in our lives, we often search for techniques, approaches and tools to gain freedom. Your assumption is you need to “fix” some symptomatic problem in your life. But quite often, the healing and freedom journey leads us to step back and connect to something so incredibly important that we ALL have a tendency to skip over.

Ready for it? It’s patience.

You and I need patience. But we ignore this issue all the time. We skip right past it. Many times, we do not even want to hear it. 

But today, I am going to share with you that a lack of patience may be a key factor that working against you.

Patience is a manifestation of love. When we experience love, we can experience healing. But you cannot experience the fullness of love without patience being a major facet of experiencing love. 

One of the greatest needs I see amongst the people I help is the deep need for greater patience. 

Today I want to bring out that our problems are inflamed in greater ways because of a disconnect we are experiencing when it comes to God’s love. But this disconnect becomes more provoked by how impatient we are with others and ourselves.

Many are having deep struggles and impatience is adding a tremendous amount of pressure, frustration and anger on top of it all. 

As love grows in your life, patience is one of the first things that grows. 

Whatever battle you are facing, I guarantee you need more patience. Within the experience of God’s patience, you will discover a whole treasure you may not have ever seen. 

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