Identity Discovery: Start with Learning to be Loved by the Father


When it comes to the subject of discovering, cultivating and strengthening your identity, many people skip a critical experience in the journey: learning to be loved by the Father. In this video, I want to release you of all the performance and achievement pressures you live under to try and find an identity, while learning […]

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How to Receive Father God’s Love

Father God Love

I spend my life helping people experience transformation, the greatest of which involves experiencing the love of Father God that Jesus Christ displayed to the world. With such a wondrous love, why do so many battle connecting to it? Father God’s Love and Transformation Everything in our lives rises and falls on our capacity to […]

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7 Teachings of Jesus About the Father

Jesus Father

If you want to learn what intimacy with Father God can be like, observing the life and message of Jesus is the best place to start. His life demonstrates what a powerful connection with Father God can be. In fact, the work that Christ brought, paved the way for us to have a ongoing relationship […]

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Connecting to Father God

Father God, Connecting to Father God

Connection…it’s what you and I were made for. Without it, we can emotionally and even physically erode. Being plugged into meaningful relationships is the life-bread of your heart. Even more so, connecting to Father God is a gift you and I were designed to experience on a daily basis. The cry of a believer’s heart […]

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