The Two Biggest Questions You Carry in Your Heart

Everyone is born with questions that need to be answered in a healthy manner. When these questions are not answered in a healthy and solid manner, a rejection mindset forms within us.

These two questions are:

Who am I?


Who loves me?

Safety and Security

Love addresses our sense of safety. Do you feel loved in relationships? Do you feel you matter?

Identity addresses our sense of security. Do you know who you really are? Are you firmly connected to what God says about you?

All of the personal battles you face come down to your sense of relational safety and how secure you are in your identity.  Most people spend their time covering over these two areas, yet they are the root system that determines the health of your life.

Getting to the Root Issues

The fact that you are reading this means you desire to walk in greater wholeness. In order to experience this, we have to be willing to address the underlying belief systems that influences all our thoughts and behaviors. Otherwise, we will spend our lives aimlessly clipping branches of behavior, with little to no long-term freedom.

Yet when we face the root system with courage, we allow a dynamic healing experience to unfold. When the ax comes to the root, the rest of the toxic branch structure begins to wither away. As John the Baptist said, “And even now the ax is laid to the root of the trees.” (Luke 3:9a)

Rejection is the Deepest Toxic Root

The deepest root hinderance that inflicts the greatest amount of damage is the root of rejection. This toxic mindset trains people to live in ways that are consistent with rejection-based thinking.

Of course, everyone has to deal with being rejected in their life. But I am working diligently to uncover a rejection mindset and its assault to separate us from our identity and healthy relationships. It also has a direct mission of keeping us from knowing who we are and from living in the power of God’s love.

Start with Yourself

As a warning, before you go pointing out everyone’s rejection issues, you need to see it in your own life. When the light switch comes on, its an exciting experience, but one that will sober you to the core. Millions of believers every day are living with a lesser level identity and a diluted experience of the love of God. This is a tragic plague that must be changed.

Helping others does not involve pointing out their rejection issues, but in demonstrating your own personal recognition and healing journey. We have to become more empowered so we stop waiting for other people to change so we can experience freedom.

Please don’t mistake it, my writing is not directed at everyone else. It’s for you, because you are the only person you can change.  The greatest fruit I see in relationships is when I am able to stop looking at what others need to change and say, “God, grow me up and change ME.”

[shareable]The greatest fruit I see is when stop looking at what others need to change and say, ‘God, change ME.'[/shareable]