Are You Stuck in the Past?

Do you find yourself struggling with aspects of the past where you feel stuck? Do you find that this discourages you and makes you feel that you will never be able to gain freedom? Today I want to talk about what is often happening when you feel that you are stuck in the past and […]

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The Gospel: Healing to Your Broken Heart

Heart Healing

When we think of the Gospel, most believers automatically go to thoughts of going to heaven and forgiveness of sins. While these are incredibly important and critical aspects of the Gospel, do you ever hear about the experience of healing your heart as a major expression of the Gospel’s power? Why isn’t healing of the […]

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Are You Obsessive Compulsive About “Fixing Yourself”?

Obsessive Compulsive

Have you become so intense about your mental and emotional health that you have become obsessive compulsive about it? Today I want to bring about how important it is in our healing journey to actually have breaks from incessant reading and self analysis, how we need room for application and time to process out what […]

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