About Mark DeJesus

I believe you are here because you want to live a healthier and more fruitful life in God. Your journey probably has some specific themes you are needing some help with:

  • You want to experience heart healing and freedom in your life.
  • You want to experience God’s love and grace in a deeper way.
  • You want to experience greater mental and emotional health.
  • You want to overcome some limitations and break free from what hinders you.
  • You want your relationships, marriage and family life to improve.

If your heart is seeking for healing and freedom in those areas, those are the kind of people I love to equip.

Sometimes we just need some insight or the right tools to break through. I pray that what I have been through and my heart for people will be a great blessing for your life and journey.

I’m a Puerto Rican-Norwegian, who was born and raised in the United States, specifically Connecticut. I currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina and am passionate about helping people experience life transformation in God. I am happily married to my wonderful wife Melissa and I am a dad to two amazing children, Maximus and Abigail.

I have years of pastoral experience in large church and small church settings. Today I am passionately teaching people how to experience healing and freedom in their mental, emotional and relationship health. This flows out of my own journey of working through mental health struggles and heart healing. I am passionate about navigating the journey of mental health with biblical perspectives that empower the lives of others.

I am a teacher, author and transformational consultant. I love being a husband and father. But most of all, I am God’s child. I am a loved son.

My Passion

I love equipping people to overcome limitations so they can live healthy and fruitful lives. 

I help those seeking for transformation get to the bottom of what causes their emotional and relational breakdowns so they can walk healed and free in the power of God.

I am the author of numerous books, hundreds of articles and countless teachings.

I post videos frequently on YouTube.

My goal is to awaken people to who they are, what they are capable of and equip them to overcome the hinderances and limitations that get in the way. 

Many of these limitations have to do with mindsets that need to be exposed and removed.

I teach on many subjects, but I love to mainly address the following areas on a regular basis:

  • Healing to the heart and restoration of the Father’s love in our lives. 
  • Experiencing the power of God’s grace through the work of Jesus Christ.

I also help people in group environments and in one on one settings, especially in the areas of:

  • Mental health struggles: anxiety, depression, OCD, Scrupulosity and more.
  • Heart healing struggles: healing from the past, working through trauma, recovering from spiritual abuse
  • Relationship struggles
  • Helping leaders address personal limitations.

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My Top Articles:

Honorable Mention: Living Powerfully with a Sensitive Heart

Mark’s Bio:

Mark DeJesus was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut and has been passionate about changing lives all his life. Being of both Scandinavian and Puerto Rican decent, he has an appreciation for a variety of cultures and family dynamics.

Mark has been passionately living for Christ and pursuing God since a very young age. In fact, he remembers feeling a call to help people at a very young age and was involved in ministry and leadership work since his teenage years.

Mark has been helping people in a full time capacity since 1995, with a broad spectrum of teaching and leadership experience. He carries experience in a vast array of church cultures, which has contributed to his appreciation for various streams in the body of Christ.

Mark’s deepest passion is that of a teacher and transformational consultant. His desire is to help people recognize their need for heart transformation. His message involves getting to the core issues in our lives that contribute to the breakdown of our mental, emotional and relationship health.

Mark’s message comes from a personal passion, stemming out of the personal renovation he experienced, setting him free from mental battles and relationship struggles. Through his own breakthrough, Mark is on a passionate journey of lighting the fires of spiritual transformation in people’s lives. His heart is to equip people to discover a transformed life from the inside out by helping them to experience the love of Father God and the grace of Jesus Christ.

In 2005, Mark met the woman of his dreams, Melissa, who joined him in the pursuit of this mission. Married in 2006, Mark and Melissa ventured from a staff pastoral position to pioneer a new ministry from the ground up. Turning Hearts Ministries International began and has remained a ministry dedicated to inside out transformation.

Their work involves healing broken hearts, setting people free and equipping people in their identity. They also carry a deep desire to see people restored and to build healthy relationships and families.

Mark also broadcasts regular content to help empower believers to experience mental, emotional and relationship health.

Mark and Melissa live in Charlotte, North Carolina, and are committed to raising their two wonderful children, Maximus John and Abigail Hope. They value their family as a high priority and seek to minister out of the overflow of what God is doing in their home.

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Short Bio for Mark DeJesus:

Mark DeJesus has served as an experienced communicator since the 1990s. As a teacher, author, transformational consultant and podcast host, He brings decades of pastoral and ministry experience to his current work in developing materials to help people experience healing, freedom and transformation. Mark is passionate about equipping people to experience mental, emotional and relationship health. He is gifted in provide grounded perspectives that help others address the core issues that influence the limitations and struggles we face. He is the author of numerous books and hundreds of teachings. Mark and his wife run Turning Hearts Ministries International and their broadcasts can be found at markdejesus.com. Mark and his wife Melissa enjoy raising their precious children Maximus and Abigail.