Allowing God to Heal Your Relationship References

The reason why it’s important to address the unhealthy human experiences we’ve had, is because these wounds infect how we view God and how we process relationships. Your earthly grid of experiences have a high level of influence upon your spiritual perspective and vision for the future. 

Earthly relationships are meant to give us references in relating to God. For example, God calls Himself a Father. Therefore, we will relate to God in many ways through the lens of how we relate to our earthly father. He carries the mold for our “God-lens.” 

So, for you, what comes to mind when you hear the word “father?” Or “Dad?”

Let’s also talk about our mothers. Your ability to receive nurture from the Holy Spirit has connections to how well your mother was able to nurture you growing up. 

So, what was your relationship with your mother like? Was it a healthy one?

Jesus is called our elder Brother, a reference leading us to a safe and empowering older sibling, who cares for us and looks out for us. A healthy older brother sticks up for you and shows you how to relate to the father. 

So, what is your reference? When I mention “brother,” do you feel loved and protected? 

What about family? The Bible calls believers the family of God, but the mere thought of family or family gatherings can induce painful memories. More families than not have created deep damage in the lives of its members. So, chanting out, “we are the family of God!” actually needs a renewed perspective of what healthy family should even look like. 

I could go on and on with other references, like how marriage is meant to teach us about our relationship to Jesus. The point of all this is simple: earthly relationships, though flawed, were meant to give us tangible references in relating to God and the body of Christ. The truth is, these references have been deeply damaged and need healing. 

You and I have wounds of hurt and wounds of lack from both male and female interactions. Most of the time, we can get locked up in the present relationship frustrations or hurts. But we don’t realize that the present relationship is not the issue. Tell me about any struggle in your life, there is often a cord that leads back to your first relationship reference–dad and mom; the core place in your heart that God needs to heal. 

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