Why We Cannot Ignore the Health of Our Hearts

God’s highest priority and focus is on dealing with the heart. In order for Him to work on our hearts, He has to first touch the broken areas.

Most people do not realize they carry a broken heart, mainly because we have not been taught how to recognize it.

We live in a modern culture that emphasizes drivenesss and constant forward motion, not recognizing the importance of taking time to deal with the voids and hurts within. We are taught subliminally to “get over it” and move on.

Down the road, however, we find ourselves dealing with physical and mental illness that we cannot seem to conquer, while we wonder what is wrong. Our culture is built upon being driven to just keep on going, without recognizing where love has been absent and where genuine hurt has been, so that true recovery and healing can be established.

Broken Heart = Wherever Love Has Not Been Present

Remember, when recognizing the broken heart, we are not only speaking of someone who is weeping on the side of the road–in what we would observe as obvious brokenness. What we are dealing with is any area of our life where proper love is not present. This is the breeding ground of a broken heart.

Taking Care of the Heart

The spiritual heart is an interesting place, because it is the treasured seat of our dreams and passions.  Yet it also carries the pain of the past, our hurt and our tears. Out of the heart is where we truly express relationship. it is how we truly experience life.

Most people carry deep walls around their hearts because of unresolved brokeness that has never been addressed. We wonder why we often struggle to feel true emotion, yet we have tolerated a lifestyle that does not allow healing.

If I was to get to know you, it would not take too long to see what your broken heart issues are. Usually they revolve around how our parents loved us or did not love us. In addition to this, other triggers for a broken heart are in our fractured relationships. Marriages, dating experiences, workplace interactions, and friendships are the primary arenas where we experience broken heartedness.

Please understand that opening up our hearts to receive healing is not always an easy thing. There is often a lot of fear and anger involved with opening up that must be faced. In fact, our future health and peace depends on it. We must all come to a place where we allow God to give us the courage to open our hearts, so that He can heal us and so that we can once again approach relationships without walls.

Question: Where is there unresolved brokenness  in your heart that God can begin to address today?