What Does It Mean When You Feel Stuck Are a Broken Record or Going Around the Mountain?

Do you find that you constantly feel stuck? Are you observing that you keep repeating the same story, like a broken record? Do you feel discouraged, feeling like you are going around the same mountain? Today I want to share with you about what these things can mean and how we can approach it more […]

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Overcoming During Turbulent Times

During the current season of turbulence around the world, especially surrounding the spread of the (COVID-19), what does it look like to live as an overcomer? In this live broadcast, I want to address some postures of the heart that will help your overcoming lifestyle, but also watch over your heart in effective ways. Video […]

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10 Practical Ways to Overcome Fear [Video]

Fear, Overcoming

Whether it’s anxiety, stress or worry, we all need spiritual insight and practical application for overcoming the work of fear against our lives. In this video, I share ten practical ways that you can overcome the fear factor. Each of these can be put into action right now. We all have areas of fear that […]

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