Making Priority for Your Heart

Our modern life makes little room for the heart, so it’s often easy to ignore it or fill our life with so much clutter that our lives are out of whack. Meanwhile, what is broken gets little attention. We then expect God to hurry up and fix all the things we’ve been ignoring for years. 

We want everything healing and freedom can provide, but we want it all now.

Too often, we ask God to heal us, change us and move us quickly.

We want to move past our problems without processing through too much pain.

Meanwhile, our lives move at such a pace that shows little value for the life of heart connection, enjoyment and care.

Yet, why do we scratch our heads about our spiritual and emotional condition, when we’ve neglected to live from healthy hearts.

The Life of the Heart Catches Up to You

We can ignore the issues of the heart, but they will catch up to us. The fast pace we live by, the habits of stuffing our emotions and the unresolved brokenness plays a part, no matter how much we try to ignore it.

God is completely patient in our healing process, but He doesn’t ignore the life of the heart. In fact, His target is the transformation of the heart.

Heart: the Core

The heart is the core of who you are and the treasured place of all that is important. It holds your motives and deep desires. Its processes how you see God, yourself and the world around you.

Your heart also experiences the pain of life. This the biggest reason why people avoid heart healing. We spend too much time running away from any sign of pain and rushing towards comfort as quickly as possible.

For many, if comfort means living in denial, than so be it.

What Will It Take?

When will we finally allow ourselves to heal from unresolved brokenness?

I wish this change only came about because of a personal revelation of God’s goodness.  Unfortunately, we usually do not address heart healing until the pain of our lives hits a threshold that we cannot take any longer. At this point, approaching issues of the heart is more like treating a heart attack, all the unresolved issues are now coming to the surface.

Quite often, the reason people come rushing in panic for help, is because they have neglected the life of the heart and the healing that was needed long ago.

The good news is that God is a Good Father, ready to heal our hearts.

The question is, will we continue to ignore it or put it off?

Here are seven ways you can make priority for your heart:

  1. Have a legitimate pit stop each day where you check in on how you are doing and process what is happening in your life.
  2. Engage God in such a way that you focus on who you are, more than on where you are going. Learn to rest in “being” more than “doing.”
  3. Make an intentional decision to slow down throughout the day so you can take in life a bit more. One of the greatest regrets people have when they look back is they didn’t enjoy life more.
  4. Be intentional about living “present” with who you and what is in front of you, not drifting off in your mind about the next thing.
  5. Become more aware of how your unresolved brokenness may be affecting your present. But don’t do this in shame, condemnation or guilt, but as an act of healing kindness.
  6. Begin to value living in vulnerability and authenticity. Take moments with safe people to let your guard down and have real conversations that speak to the life of the heart.
  7. Develop a rhythm where you take in energy and refreshment that is in relation to what you pour out. That way you are never giving on empty.

Question: Which one do you need to engage today?