S08 Ep07: Getting to the Heart of Your Anger Battles

We’ve all wasted years trying to contain our anger or avoid getting angry with little improvement.

What about you? Are you finding that wrestling with anger has exhausted you? Have you struggled to find breakthrough when it comes to overcoming battles with anger?

When it comes to shepherding the life of your heart, one of the top subjects to address is anger. What makes you angry? Where does it come from? How should we approach anger?

The reality is that most of us were not taught how to deal with anger. Most of us were told to stop being angry, with little direction on what to do with it. Much of it was left pent up deep in our hearts, where it comes out in a variety of ways. We are left in powerless cycles where we try to manage anger, with little fruit and breakthrough.

But we have discovered some powerful ways to address anger so that you can learn more about the life of your heart, while allowing God to empower you in effective ways. In fact, those places where you get angry can be powerful places for God to meet you and show you some important insights about the life of your heart.

In this episode, Melissa and I vulnerably share our journey of dealing with anger and what we have had to learn to walk in greater healing and freedom. We pray our transparency will encourage you to find breakthrough in the love and grace of God.

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