Identity Discovery: Start with Learning to be Loved by the Father


When it comes to the subject of discovering, cultivating and strengthening your identity, many people skip a critical experience in the journey: learning to be loved by the Father. In this video, I want to release you of all the performance and achievement pressures you live under to try and find an identity, while learning […]

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S05 Ep08: Healing Rejection in Your Relationships


If you look at all your relationship frustrations, there are usually themes that keep repeating over and over. They become the irritants that you find yourself venting about. You may find yourself saying, “Why is it that ________ always keeps happening?”  The problem is that when a rejection mindsets gets a hold of hurt in […]

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S05 Ep06: Are You Living in Performance Based Christianity?

Performance Based Christianity

Is your relationship with Christ one based on your performance? Have you been taught a performance based form of Christianity? Are you promoting performance based Christianity in your church without even knowing it? Are you in a culture that promotes performance based Christianity? In this episode, we take a sober look at how performance based […]

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