I Address Your OCD Questions Live! #04

OCD Help

Today I addressed a number of questions sent in that are related to the battle of OCD. I especially addressed the role of parenting. How do you effectively parent a child that is exhibiting OCD patterns? I also talk about working through legalism that inflames religious OCD. I address the difference between conviction and the […]

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OCD and the Danger of “Checking” Yourself

OCD and Checking

I want to share with you a toxic habit that can keep people stuck in obsessive and compulsive patterns, while preventing anyone from being able to experience new ways of thinking and living. I want to encourage you to drop the insessant battle of “checking” yourself. In this broadcast, I also dive into a bunch […]

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S10 Ep14: Addressing Your Questions on OCD

OCD Healing

Today we address your questions on Obsessive Compulsive battles, ranging from scrupulosity and religious OCD, to guilt confession and fear of the end times. Video Broadcast: Here are the questions we cover:  How to help sister with scrupulosity How to help my adult son with scrupulosity Intrusive thoughts and prayer Can I write my prayers? […]

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Common Ditches OCD Sufferers Fall Into

Healing OCD

In today’s broadcast, I share about some common ditches that believers fall into when they struggle with OCD issues. Video Broadcast: Recommended Resources:  God Loves Me and I Love Myself! The Heart Healing Journey Restoring the Power of Nurture Experiencing God’s Love as Your Father To support future resources:  Consider a one-time donation. Become a monthly supporter. […]

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OCD and the Addiction Factor

OCD Addiction

In this video I want to help bring an observation, opinion and perspective I have about OCD and the addiction factor. I believe there is an addiction like component here that is worth understanding. I will compare the words impulsive and compulsive, while also showing you the parallels the addiction factor have that are similar […]

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5 Healing Experiences Needed for OCD Struggles


It can be easy to focus on the symptoms or arguments that OCD battles bring up. In the process, we can lose sight of what our hearts need. In this video, I want to redirect your attention to experiences of the heart that are needed in the midst of your OCD battles. Video Broadcast: Recommended […]

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OCD Distortions #7: Difficulty with Emotions

OCD Emotions

For the OCD mind, it can be hard to make sense of the thoughts that come your way, especially because there are corresponding emotions connected to those thoughts. These emotions become incredibly hard to interpret and process. You are left with a great deal of conflict on what you should do.  The emotions can lead […]

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My Healing and Freedom Journey with OCD

Healing from OCD

As I seek to create and develop content, I typically spend times and seasons covering certain themes that are near and dear to my heart and those I help. No subject of mental and emotional health hits me more personally than the subject of Obsessive Compulsive battles, otherwise known as OCD. It was one of […]

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