How Thoughts Impact Your Mental Health

Mental Health

If I can be a blessing and support to how you think, it can have a dramatic impact to your overall mental, emotional and relationship health. We can have tens of thousands of thoughts within the course of one day, but have we been equipped on how to work through our thoughts and emotions? In […]

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7 Reasons Why Intrusive Thoughts Grow

Intrusive Thoughts

Large numbers of people are struggling with intrusive and unwanted thoughts that arrive into their thinking and create a massive emotional disturbance. A great deal of anxiety, guilt, shame and confusion come over you, leaving you in a deep struggle and conflict. In this broadcast, I want to give you 7 simple reasons why intrusive […]

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These Thoughts are Not You

In my healing and freedom journey, I was seeking to figure out what to do with all these challenging thoughts that were coming my way. Fearful thoughts Dark thoughts Anxiety ridden thoughts Obsessive thoughts “Crazy” thoughts I was stumbling through my thought life asking, “How do I deal with all these thoughts that seem to […]

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