The OCD Healing Journey

Getting to the Heart of Our Obsessive and Compulsive Struggles

by Mark DeJesus

Obsessions and Compulsions Don’t Have to Rule Your Life

OCD, Religious OCD, Relationship OCD

Many are finding themselves under the clutches of disturbing thoughts and emotions that keep showing up in their mind. They get lost in how to deal with these troublesome thoughts that demand for their attention.

While obsessions and compulsions are not a new struggle, the term OCD is fairly new. Yet for a long time, many have mistaken this challenging mental health battle as one of cleanliness and strict order. It goes far deeper than that.

Mark DeJesus found himself locked in the trenches of OCD, but did not even realize it for a long time. This book uncovers many chapters of his life where he had to recognize how obsessions and compulsions influenced his life and how to walk in greater freedom and healing.


It seems our world is becoming more obsessive and compulsive. With increasing anxiety, stress and worry, there are many who are secretly wrestling with intrusive disturbances in their thoughts that are stealing their peace.

The good news is that obsessive compulsive struggles do not have to own the final answer on your journey. Mark is living proof that you do not have to remain under the weight of OCD your whole life.

This book is a blueprint of his journey getting to the heart of the struggle that has helped many to make sense of what they battle with and how to embrace their own journey of healing.

While the principles Included in The OCD Healing Journey can apply to any form of OCD, there is special insight provided for religious OCD, scrupulosity, relationship OCD and aspects of obsessive-compulsive struggles that interfere with healthy relationship communication.


What This Book Can Provide:

  • Examples that you may relate to on how OCD impacts people’s lives and what it often does in our thoughts and actions.
  • Getting to the underlying distortions that fuel OCD.
  • Identifying and working through how we relate to our thoughts in ways that can lead into healthier patterns.
  • Working through areas of the heart that need healing and learning to develop new responses to obsessions.
  • Encouragement and insight to let you know that you are not alone and there is hope for your mental health journey.

Book Table of Contents:

This book is also packed with questions for discussion and consideration as you process the material.

01: The Journey Starts Here

02: The Disturbance of OCD

03: OCD and Me

04: 10 Common Traps that Hinder the OCD Healing Journey

05: The Problem is Not the Problem

06: OCD Distortion #1: “Just Right But Never Enough”

07: OCD Distortion #2: “Yeah But, What If…”

08: OCD Distortion #3: “You’re Fired!”

09: OCD Distortion #4: “The Sky is Falling!”

10: OCD Distortion #5: “I Must Do Something!”

11: OCD Distortion #6: “I Gotta Keep it Together!”

12: OCD Distortion #7: “I Don’t Know What I Am Feeling”

13: OCD and Life Transitions

14: Getting to the Heart of OCD

15: Compulsion Withdrawals and the Addiction Factor

16: A New Battle Response to Thoughts

17: A More Fruitful Thought Life

18: When Obsessions Get Religious

19: The Root System of Scrupulosity and Religious OCD

20: Relationship OCD and Romance

21: OCD and How You Relate to Those Around You

22: Walking the OCD Healing Journey

23: My Daily Recommendations

Prayer for Those Struggling with OCD

Prayer Over Your Biology


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