Discerning the Armor of Toxic Guilt

It takes discerning to see and understand how guilt has influenced your way of living. For many, it takes learning and relearning. Today I want to break down the armor of toxic guilt. When it comes your way, what kind of influences are coming along with it to keep you in bondage to chronic guilt? […]

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Do You Ruminate About the Past?


Do you struggle with ruminating about the past and have a hard time letting go? Today’s broadcast involves addressing a question that was sent in, asking about how to deal with past events recall that triggers rumination. I will answer the question by walking through healthy perspectives about your past and how to relate to […]

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2 Unhealthy Responses to Shame Attacks

When we are under the influence of a shame attack, our emotional response typically ends up going into two unhealthy directions that do not allow us to remain in sobriety. They can keep us stuck in patterns of denial, stubborn and defensiveness or drowning despair and hopelessness. In today’s broadcast, I want to spend some […]

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10 Signs of a Shame Attack

When you experience a shame attack, you may feel like you are not good enough or that you are unworthy of being loved. A tremendous weight of embarrassment can fall on your emotional state. These feelings can be overwhelming and can cause you to feel like you are not worthy of love or respect. Today […]

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Our Journey through Shame, Abandonment and Perfectionism


Working through the mindset of “just right but never enough” that perfectionism creates, keeps us from seeing the shame and abandonment we carry within. Today we want to reflect on recent broadcasts on shame and abandonment, while talking through how we are processing healing in our own journey. Video Broadcast: Watch on Rumble: Recommended Resources:  […]

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