The Heart Healing Journey

Awaken, Heal and Transform Your Life

By Mark DeJesus

Dive into a 28 day heart awakened experience!

Heart HealingAre you living a life that is fully alive from the heart? In a world where many are just looking to get by in life, a remnant is crying out for more. They desire to live free from a heart that is fully alive to God and awakened to the transformation that is available to them.

Are you aware that your heart needs healing? The reason you may be struggling in certain areas of your life is because your heart needs to experience healing, so that love and truth can have a greater work in your life.

This book will outline what a heart journey looks like, so you can break through some of the hindrances that don’t seem to budge.

  • Are you passionate for personal transformation?
  • Do you want to get to the root issues of your heart so that you can experience the change and transformation you were destined for?

Then The Heart Healing Journey is the book for you.

Inside these pages, Mark will use over 25 years of personal experience helping people in teaching you the keys to walking in greater wholeness. If you have a passion to let your heart experience greater love and healing, then get ready for adventure!


Everything Flows from the Heart

The life of the heart is involved with everything that happens in your life. Yet it is one of the most neglected areas that people address. We might work overtime on our physiology with exercise or nutrition. Or we may develop the capacity of our minds to learn new information and gain more knowledge.

But have we been trained to live powerfully from a healthy heart life? Do we even know what that means?

Join Me on the Heart Healing Journey

This video gives a more in-depth explanation of the book, while I also take questions and share about my story.

Get Equipped for Heart Healing

In this series of simple, yet straightforward writings, Mark will walk along side of your journey and encourage you to live with a heart that is fully alive, while experiencing the healing that your heart needs. Now is your time to stop going through the motions and invite God to breath life into your heart.


Heart Healing

This book is written to be inspiring, yet very practical in application. Each chapter is designed to get you thinking about heart healing as a journey, and not just a destination. It is an invitation to a day to day lifestyle with God that will open up your heart to powerful experiences of transformation. 

I want to take my own journey, along with my personal work with scores of people on what it takes to live out a fruitful heart healing journey. In this book, you will be empowered to: 

  • Pay attention to the life of your heart.
  • Discover the importance of living from an awakened heart.
  • Allow God to do a healing and transformative work in your heart.
  • Cultivate healthy heart awareness.
  • But also understand, what is a broken heart and what does heart healing look like? 

I also want to help you to:

  • Get awakened to the spiritual battles that your heart faces.
  • Know where your thoughts come from and how to position yourself to overcome. 


In the Heart Healing Journey, I will share 4 powerful heart connected beliefs you can take to position yourself for dramatic transformation and breakthrough. 

I will also cover subjects like: 

  • Healing from Trauma
  • Kicking out the Inner Pharisee
  • What to do with emotional pain? 
  • Allowing God to guide your healing journey.
  • How to grieve?
  • What to do with a sensitive heart.
  • Permission to feel.
  • Finding safe relationships. 


Chapter Titles:

Questions for discussion and prayers are included at the end of each chapter.


01:  Tending to Your Garden

02: How’s Your Heart?

03:  The Foundation is Cracked

04:  Recovering Your Footing

05:  Cultivating Heart Awareness

06: Waking Up to Your Brokenness

07: What is a Broken Heart?

08:  Knowing What You Need

09:  Awakened to the Battle

10:  The Four Doorways (Part 1)

11:  The Four Doorways (Part 2)

12:  The Wounds We All Carry

13:  The Power of  Self-Acceptance

14:  Your Need for Patience

15:   What Does Love Say?

16:  Kicking Out the Inner Pharisee

17:  Permission to Feel

18:  Receiving the Signals from Emotional Pain

19:  Stuck in Your Head

20: Learning to Grieve

21:  Healing Memories

22:  Healing from Trauma

23:  Receiving God’s Guidance

24:  Decisions. . .Decisions

25:  Restoring Joy

26:  Living Powerfully with a Sensitive Heart

27:  Finding Safe Relationships

28: Turning the Tables on Your Pain