Overcoming Grandiosity from a Narcissist Relationship

The influence of narcissism partners with a mindset of grandiosity, an extreme pattern of a self-importance or “specialness” that often leads to exaggerated boasting about accomplishments, status and image.  As we all learn to heal and grow, God will lead us to see His greatness at work within us. We have areas of low thinking […]

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The Christian, the Bible and Narcissism

Christian and Narcissism

What does the Bible have to say about narcissism? There is so much talk about narcissists in psychology, but is it actually something the Bible mentions? If so, how can we discern its work in our upbringing, our relationships, churches and communities? In this broadcast, I will address what narcissism is and how to pick […]

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Fight Mental Health Battles with Compassion

Mental health has long been a misunderstood and stigmatized topic. Many Christians fear admitting their mental health struggles, due to shame and or being seen as weak. To many fight their battles in silence, while they also struggle with feeling defeated, condemned, stressed and overwhelmed. What we all need is compassion, which involves connecting to […]

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