Are You Stuck in the Past?

Do you find yourself struggling with aspects of the past where you feel stuck? Do you find that this discourages you and makes you feel that you will never be able to gain freedom? Today I want to talk about what is often happening when you feel that you are stuck in the past and […]

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New Online Training Course: The Heart Healing Journey Vol 02

Take the next step into a new level of healing, freedom and transformation for your heart through experiencing The Heart Healing Journey Volume 2. In this series, we begin with more short from videos, but then move into insightful long form content, where I will share insights, stories and application that will help your heart […]

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A Chance to Start Over

Start Over

When people ask me about my healing journey, one of the mindsets I emphasize over and again is something very simple: I went back to the beginning and started over. I realized that in my struggle, my issues were leading me back to the foundation, the fundamentals that I skipped over or never learned to […]

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