Healing the Stress Response of a Perfectionist


For the perfectionist, I believe they are in a constant state of fight AND flight, where their stress response is in overdrive. Their constant busy living and avoidance keeps them from dealing with matters of the heart that need compassionate healing and grace. In this broadcast, I want to lay out how the stress response […]

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The Kind of Love that Casts Out Stress

Stress, Love, Father's Love

Everyone deals with various forms of stressors in their life. Underneath those areas we call stress, are often fear factors that need to be addressed. In fact, stress is simply a modern word used to describe a lot of the fears that drive our lifestyle, constant busyness and pressure-filled living. Remove the fear factor and […]

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Two Things You Can Do, Even While You Are Stressed


Living under the weight of stress is something we’ve all become too accustomed to; almost as if it’s a part of life we should just accept. Yet shouldn’t the overcoming life that Jesus paid for involve living above the constant attacks and pressure of stress? There has to be more than always living with constant […]

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Did Jesus Get Stressed?

Jesus and Stress

I’ve been on a journey of learning to live more stress free, to allow God to heal my stress response and teach me to live with more peace and relentless enjoyment of life. To learn this lifestyle, I need example and models to look at, who will give me some references on what is possible. […]

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7 Ways to Get Your Perspective Back


As we transition into our new home base in North Carolina, Melissa and I have paused to consider all that has happened in the past six months that have moved us from one chapter into another. We feel the new season upon us, but at the same time, the pressures, stresses and feelings of overwhelm […]

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Stress Relief: When We Lose Perspective

When I lose my perspective, everything starts to fall like dominos. The overwhelm factor takes over and I cannot see clearly. What once made sense, now seems so out of reach. When I lose perspective, thoughts I can normally cast down seem to have greater authority over me. Stress rises and energy drains quickly. My […]

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Stress Relief: What to do With Your Cares

Cares, Anxiety, Worry, Stress

Living stress-free does not mean you never have to face intense seasons of life, where issues rise up that you have to deal with. The truth is, there are many stressors that come into your life that you cannot avoid. These unavoidable stressors come in the form of “cares.” They are the responsibilities and burdens […]

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The Key to Supernatural Stress Relief

Stress Relief

God has a way for living a more stress-free life, but there is a posture that comes along with it that challenges us to the core. It confronts our mindsets, decisions and the pressures we allow to dictate our lifestyle. Most of the time, we do not activate this posture until we hit our heads […]

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