How I Stopped Ruminating


What is ruminating, why do we do it and how do we stop? In this video, I want to take some time to answer these questions while also providing some insights on how I began to break the dysempowering habit of ruminating. Simply put, ruminating is a chronic habit of repeating the same thought subject […]

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S07 Ep10: Addressing Your Questions About Fear – Part 1

In this episode, we take your questions and process through the subjects you’ve brought to us. Amazing questions! We cover a variety of topics, including: Healing from Trauma when something happens to your child. Understanding fear, spiritual warfare and trauma. PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Fear at night Sleep issues, worrying at night, waking up in […]

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7 Ways to End the Trap of Worry


Worry is the fear of the future and the fear of tomorrow. It projects into the future what you hope will not happen. Most people waste their lives in the world of worrying, even though we know it will do them no good. Survival mechanisms keep wanting to train us all that worrying will somehow […]

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3 Mindsets that Helped Me Overcome Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD, Phobias and More

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Fear

The greatest reason I am so passionate about helping people to overcome in their life and journey is my own personal story. A big part of my journey has been facing the overwhelming feelings of anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive, kind of thinking, social phobias, and overall fear that just wouldn’t let go and wouldn’t […]

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