Freedom from Spiritual Slavery and into Sonship

Spiritual Slavery

Are you stuck in spiritual slavery? Many would say “no” to this question, but are not aware of how spiritual slavery has held them captive and bound. All transformation flows out of identity and this manifests powerfully when we break free from spiritual slavery and move into sonship. When you experience the love of Father […]

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Identity Discovery: Breaking Free from Comparison


We cannot develop a strong identity if we battle comparing ourselves with others. You will never discover the beauty of who you are if you allow yourself to get lost in comparison. You will never be fruitful or healthy in life if the trap of comparison gets its clutches on you. Comparison will steal your […]

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Identity Discovery: Start with Learning to be Loved by the Father


When it comes to the subject of discovering, cultivating and strengthening your identity, many people skip a critical experience in the journey: learning to be loved by the Father. In this video, I want to release you of all the performance and achievement pressures you live under to try and find an identity, while learning […]

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