Need Direction? Tune Into the Kindness of God for Your Journey

Take whatever you are going through, not matter how challenging it may be, and apply the power of God’s kindness. Start by asking yourself, “What would it look like to engage your thoughts with 100% kindness? What would your day look like if you allowed the kindness of God to infiltrate your every struggle and challenge of life?”

I know this will be a game changer for you. Coming into agreement with God’s kindness will revolutionize your transformational journey. In fact, the Scriptures remind us to not treat the kindness of God lightly. It carries God’s love and goodness towards you, leading you to change like nothing else. 

Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance? Romans 2:4 (NASB)

The Power of Kindness 

Many Christians think of repentance as a groveling apology towards a God who is angry. Yet the most powerful turnaround you can experience will come out of a response to God’s loving kindness towards you. 

When you taste of Father God’s kindness towards you, it drowns the opposing thoughts that train you to be harsh, condemning and negative towards yourself. Counterfeit temptations no longer become desirable when our hearts are filled with God’s genuine goodness and kindness. 

What is God Saying? 

To make this even more practical, I work diligently to help people tune into what God is speaking to their hearts. Hearing from God can be a really challenging and difficult subject for many, often because they’ve not been equipped to experience the kindness of our loving Father. Without the context of God’s patience and kindness, we won’t understand what it means to relate to God. 

As you discover the kindness of God, you can learn how He relates to you as His child. His river of transformation flows through His kindness, goodness and love. Just when you think you have completed your discovery; a whole new sea awaits you. 

God speaks through His Word, but He also brings a witness to your heart through the Holy Spirit, who is known as the Comforter. The Spirit relays the heart of God’s kindness in bringing instruction and comfort to your life. 

Entering God’s Flow

I can give you all kinds of helpful instructions about what you need to focus on for your healing and freedom journey. But if you tune into the main theme that God is working on, you will immerse yourself in the power of His flow. Then, transformation becomes less of a self-help grind and more of an exciting adventure with God. 

But here lies a problem. When you ask believers, “What is God saying to you in this season of your life?” many are hesitant in their answer. Some will blurt out a bunch of religious rhetoric that sounds nice, but they are just covering up for the fact that their real answer is, “I don’t have a clue.” While others have a reference for God that omits His kindness. They hear everything through judgment, condemnation and shame. 

In my one-on-one work with believers, many of them have a distorted lens of God. So, asking them, “What is God speaking to your heart” can trigger a “taskmaster god,” a “nothing is ever good enough god” or a “god that you always run and hide from.” It can unleash an inner voice that is not of God, which prevents them from moving forward in a healthy way. 

What Does Love Say?

One of the helpful ways I have learned to hear from God and detox those counterfeit voices is to ask myself, “What does love say?” This fine tunes my heart to learn how to hear from God, because His love permeates everything He does with His children. 

To the believer who is seeking to walk in the truth of God’s Word, this is a safe question to ask because God IS love (1 John 4:16). When you discover the power of what love really is, you gain an understanding of God’s nature. So, it can be really helpful to ask yourself, “What does love say?” or to ask, “What does kindness say?” because kindness is the way God addresses us. 

I know off the bat, some can react to this advice with apprehension, as many have a distorted lens of what love means. This is a legitimate concern. Pointing to a counterfeit love has given a false permission to live outside of God’s morality and led others into deep deception. I am equally grieved about this escalating problem. Modern society is losing touch at lightning speed with the truth that sets us free. 

Truth Needs Love

But this cannot negate an important precept. Truth needs to operate within the context of love. The Apostle Paul’s admonition to “speak the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15) shows us that the power of truth needs the conduit of love for truth to have its intended impact. 

Truth is like a copper wire with intense voltage. On its own, truth can become a weapon that is used to accuse and damage people unnecessarily. I am sure you have watched many Christians use truth apart from love. It becomes like a live wire, firing off intense voltage and surges of electricity in unpredictable patterns. You cannot even get near it because there are high odds you will get electrocuted. 

But place that wire into a rubber conduit and you have now channeled that power into its intended flow. That’s how truth operates. God does not slap you in the face with His truth. He does everything through the conduit of His loving kindness towards you. In fact, God has a way of correcting and even chastening us in a way that is empowering, because it is all done through relationship, built on kindness. 

Loving kindness never dilutes truth. It gives the environment by which truth operates in its fullest potential. Jesus says He is the truth, which shows us that our knowledge of truth is not a connection to concepts, but relationship with a person. You cannot have healthy relationship without loving kindness. 

Being connected to the power of the truth which sets you free needs to be founded on loving connection to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, while granting that loving kindness to immerse your thoughts. Heart healing will never happen when the kindness of God is not priority. 

Gaining Fruitful Clarity

With some helpful coaching, most believers can discover that they can and do hear from God. Often times, they just need to ask in the midst of their struggle, “What does love say here?” or “How can I apply kindness to what I am going through?” 

Tuning into God through his nature of loving kindness is how you build a foundation of relationship. From there, all the other aspects of intimacy are built off of that base. In the midst of kindness, you will gain the perspective of heaven over your life and even your struggles. 

Have you ever swam in a beautiful part of the ocean, where, with a good set of goggles, you can see underwater for hundreds of feet? It allows you to take in the beauty and majesty of where you are, while also having clarity on where you are headed. You cannot see forever, but you can see far enough to get perspective and direction. 

If suddenly, a surge of waves kick up the sand, seaweed and other oceanic debris around, suddenly you lose your visibility as the water quickly becomes murky. Swimming under these conditions can be incredibly challenging. But once the sand and debris settle to the bottom, you can compose yourself and regain clarity over your swimming experience. 

The same is true with your heart healing journey. The harder you are on yourself, the murkier your vision will be. Without kindness, you cannot see your situation through God’s eyes. You’ll see everything worse than it really is. Inner tension will build, anger will rise and discouragement will swell.  

Without kindness, you’ll lose perspective. That is why a soothing word from a friend can calm a raging storm in your heart. You are responding to the nurturing power of kindness. 

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