12 Signs You Are Developing a Healthy Emotional Heart Life

All of life flows from the heart, but it’s amazing how easily we can neglect the life of our hearts and just keep moving like drones in a race. If all our deep dreams, desires, treasures and deepest connections are formed from the heart, then we need to know how to live a healthy and whole life from the heart. 

Experiencing a healthy emotional life from the heart needs to be a lifestyle. The results are that we can experience greater relationships and build a life that impacts people greatly for the long term. 

If you are someone who values healthy spirituality and wholeness in your emotional life, here are some signs that you are headed in a good direction. 

1. You Value Healthy Relationships. 

You value a healthy relationship with God, which means that your time, schedule and investments reflect that. You seek to commune with God from your full heart, but you also value authentic relationships with the people around you. 

Above achievement, success and performance-driven accolades, you value the quality of your relationships with people. Which means you take time to nurture those relationships and invest in the people close to you.

2. You Value Relational Depth.

This doesn’t mean you live in the deep end 24 hours a day. It simply means that you know how to swim past the shallow end of conversation, and at some point, have real interactions. 

Relationship depth is not intellectual complexities, they are actually quite simple. 

  • How’s your heart doing? 
  • What’s some of the struggles you’ve been facing? 
  • What have you been learning? 
  • What’s God doing in your life? 

3. You Take Time to Fill Up. 

What we value is often revealed by our investments and our schedule. If you carry a healthy heart life, then time of solitude and personal refreshment are a normal part of your daily routine. 

A healthy heart life involves watching over your intake and output, so that you give to others what you have cultivated in your own life. It breeds authentic life exchange, for you don’t need to put on a mask around others. You share out of the life that you are personally cultivating. 

3. You Possess Self-Awareness.

Self-awareness makes you a better person to relate to, because you are aware of what is going on in the life of your heart. You are also aware of how you come across in relationships. 

With a healthy self-awareness, you are aware of your emotions, how certain circumstances affect you. You are also in touch with your strengths and weaknesses. Overall, you become a powerful person to interact with. 

4. God and Key People have Access to the Life of Your Heart. 

If you are going to be spiritually and emotionally healthy, it is a must that key people are able to speak into your life. 

A large percentage of believers live only as a standard to themselves, meaning they don’t allow the input of mature people to lovingly speak into their blind spots and encourage healing of broken areas. Those with a healthy heart life have sharpening relationships that empower them greatly. 

5. You Allow Your Pain to Be Healing and Learning Moments.

The biggest difference between those who are emotionally healthy and those who are not, comes down to how you process pain. 

Those who use pain as an opportunity to grow, stretch and heal are those who will discover great depth and growth in their life. On the other hand, many will suppress or ignore pain in a way that stuffs everything down. Eventually that pain will rise up in all kinds of ways down the road. 

6. You Make Room for a Healthy Give and Take in Relationships.

You know how to “pitch and catch,” to give out, as well as receive. You don’t monopolize conversations, constantly turning the focus back to you. Your heart is to bless and add value to others, but you are comfortable receiving when others genuinely seek to bless you. 

7. You Are Ok With Emotions.

Overall, a healthy heart life means a healthy emotional life. You are comfortable with the spectrum of emotions that come up in your life. You know how to “weep with those who weep” and “rejoice with those who rejoice.” (Romans 12:15

9. Vulnerability and Authenticity Are Really Important to You. 

Vulnerability can be a challenging thing to express, but it is a powerful currency in relationships. We all cherish when we hear someone share in a vulnerable way, yet we often battle to express vulnerability ourselves. 

Those who are heart healthy seek to find ways to have real and vulnerable exchanges with people. 

10. You are Aware of how Your History Can Influence Your Journey. 

People with low heart awareness are often clueless as to how their past influences the present. Many Christians struggle to know how to place their past into their current context.

An emotionally healthy believer realizes how certain experiences of the past can influence their current beliefs, mindsets and patterns. But they are not condemned by it. They have joyfully invited God into every area of their heart, so they can process their experiences in a healthy way. 

11. Your Pace of Life is Healthy.

Your pace of life gives rooms for heart health. This takes time to cultivate, but a healthy pace makes room throughout the day to pause and allow yourself to connect to God and those close to you. 

A healthy pace makes room for sabbath and an overall rhythm that keeps your spiritual and emotional life healthy. 

12. People Feel Safe Around You. 

As a result, people enjoy being around you. They feel safe to share. Many times, they don’t want to leave your presence, because being around you is welcoming. 

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