S08 Ep09: The Struggle to Experience Joy and Happiness

If you want to effectively watch over the life of your heart, then you will need to discover what happiness and joy mean in your life. The words joy and happiness get thrown around a lot, but when we all sit back and get honest, there is a definite wrestling occurring when it comes to manifesting it.

Many believers are conflicted about happiness and its role in their lives:

  • Should Christians seek to live happy?
  • Does God want us happy?
  • Should we even bother talking about happiness? 
  • What is happiness?
  • Does the Bible even talk about happiness?

Many believers share their frustration with not being happy. We want to get to the root system of this dilemma and discover what’s really going on in our hearts.

In this episode, we want to share the honest struggle with manifesting happiness, while discovering, “Is there a relationship between happiness and joy? Are they in contrast to each other or related?”

We also want to speak about what joy is and cut past many of the clichés we throw out there. We pray that our discussion will be encouraging for where you are. May you find insight and empowerment for where you are, so that you can experience all that your heart was meant to embrace.

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