The Transforming Power of Kindness

If you desire greater healing, freedom and transformation, then learning to experience love is the most important.

But do you know how to connect to love?

Are you aware that you need to learn about how to experience love in deeper and more meaningful ways?

Well then you will need to learn what it means to experience the power of kindness. Kindness is so powerful and potent, that when you experience it, kindness actually has the ability to lead you into transformation. On the flip side, an absence of kindness in your life can leave you in a state of profound emptiness, brokenness and toxicity.

You may discover today, that you don’t need three steps, ten steps or a list of things you need to be doing. What you probably need in your heart and life is a deeper dose of kindness. God is love, so in this broadcast, I want to help you understand what love is, what love looks like and how to make love more a part of your daily experience. My goal is to support the word of love to enhance how you relate to God, how you see yourself and how you relate to the world around you. I also want to encourage you to see yourself and those around you with a greater level of love with learning to let kindness have a deeper work in your life. We are in desperate need of greater kindness.

The tensions you experience all around you are often seeking to dismantle your capacity to manifest kindness. But today I want to exhort your heart into taking back the power of kindness. We need the experience of kindness to: Learn to receive it from God. Be kind to yourself. Give out the kindness you have received to those who cross your path.

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