7 Signs of Performance Based Christianity

It has been incredibly helpful and freeing for me to identify how I lived a performance based life with God and my world around me. In this video, I quickly show you seven common signs of performance based Christianity, so you can identify it and begin walking into freedom.

A major virus is infecting the lives of Christians today. It’s a life driven by performance . . .

Masses of believers are infected with a performance based Christianity. It is killing the life of their heart and stealing the refreshment we were meant to experience with God. So many are living in the hamster wheel of performance . . . they are never experiencing joy and are locked into a system of constant works. Burn out, lost marriages, addictions, anger issues, depression and anxiety are manifesting in so many who live a performance based lifestyle.

I lived with this for so many years, so it hits close to home. I want to see others free with all my heart. But we often don’t deal with this until we hit rock bottom.

Here are some clear signs you live in performance based Christianity.

Video Broadcast:

In this video, I talk about: 

  • PBC Defined: your identity, sense of love, validation and affirmation is based on what you do and how well you do it.
  • Evaluating your spiritual life on what you are doing for God as a foundation.
  • You view spiritual growth mainly through your ability to maintain spiritual disciplines.
  • Seeing your value in life is based on achievement and results.
  • How we beat ourselves up for falling short of performance based standards.
  • The problem of Christians not being able to be themselves.
  • Evaluating others on their performance.
  • The plague of burnout and chronic busyness amongst the body of Christ.

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