Spiritual Blocks to the Life of Your Heart – #04 Pride

If you want to live healed and free from your heart in all things, you’ll have to face pride at various stages of your journey.

We often call out pride in others, but we are slow to call out pride in ourselves. But the quicker we can identify where pride is blocking or stunting our growth, the more effective our heart journey will be. 

When you dive into living heart healthy, you will bump up against areas of pride in your life that seek to prevent you from growing. They create lids against your growth. 

Pride involves re walls of self-protection and self-preservation, where we keep ourselves from letting anyone see our weakness, brokenness, sins and flaws. 

Humility is not rejecting yourself. It’s recognizing your need for God, for healing and for continual growth. True humility creates an invitation for others to engage a real and authentic journey with God and others. 

Pride or humility will show up in moments where there is an opportunity for vulnerability. In moments where you have a change to exchange authentically and vulnerability, pride or humility will show up. 

In this video, I will speak to the issue of pride and reveal six statements we say that actually reveal that pride may be at work.

Video Broadcast:

In this video, I talk about: 

  • Detecting pride and where it may be holding you back.
  • The power of true humility.
  • The exhortation from 1 Peter 5 about and what it says to our journey.
  • 6 statements that often reveal pride.

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