6 Common Church Trauma Reactions

In light of the ongoing crisis taking place at the International House of Prayer (IHOP/KC) involving Mike Bickle, I took a few moments to share about 6 common responses that we often have to traumatic experiences that take place within the church community. These responses are important to be aware of so that we can […]

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S09 Ep14: Healing from Toxic Faith, Cults & Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual Abuse

It is our conviction that unaddressed brokenness gives rise to toxic faith cultures, spiritually abusive environments and cults. In order for there to be a change, we will need to address the issues of our hearts that need healing. We pray that our conversation will encourage you to allow the healing process to take place […]

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14 Signs of Spiritual Abuse

spiritual abuse

I’ve spent years helping people recover from abusive situations. They range from abusive marriages, homes and even abusive church environments. Over the years, there has become an awareness of how church and ministry environments can misuse their influence and authority in a way that damages the spiritual and emotional life of people. This has become […]

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