S05 Ep08: Healing Rejection in Your Relationships

If you look at all your relationship frustrations, there are usually themes that keep repeating over and over. They become the irritants that you find yourself venting about. You may find yourself saying, “Why is it that ________ always keeps happening?” 

The problem is that when a rejection mindsets gets a hold of hurt in your life, it will never allow you to heal. The pain keeps growing and will become a dominant influence in how you interact with others. A rejection mindset will twist communication, distort the perceive motives of others and keep you in a constant defensive posture.

Until God heals that raw nerve of pain in your heart, you will continue to remain the cycle of hurt and broken relationship interactions. That is why kicking out a rejection mindset is so important, because it will help clear up your relationship lens, so that love and healing can begin to flow again.

To understand if rejection is interfering with your relationships, ask yourself:

  • Do you find yourself being frustrated by the same patterns of relationship struggles? 
  • Do you feel ignored by friends, family, leaders?
  • Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable in social settings, where you either put on a mask or stumble through interactions all together?
  • Do you anticipate rejection from new people you meet? (you predict the narrative of how they think about you?)
  • Do you feel like if people knew the real you, they would not like you?
  • Do you become easily hurt and offended by people?
  • When someone questions you or disagrees with you, do you become deeply irritated, angry and argumentative? Do you feel a need to be right in discussions?
  • Do you “over-talk” in social settings? Do you tend to not talk at all?
  • Do you repeatedly feel compelled to tell others about the accomplishments you have achieved or flash your resume when you talk to people? Do you do things to get attention from people?
  • Does a lot of relationship drama seem to follow you?

We pray this episode will help unleash freedom to your heart and relationships.

Video Broadcast:

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • Our personal experiences of observing rejection in relationship interactions.
  • The twisted lens of communication that rejection fuels.
  • Why relationship drama seems to follow in the same patterns.
  • How rejection is driving people to become easily offended.
  • The reason why we are losing the ability to reason with each other.
  • The “rejection setup” in relationships.
  • How rejection wants to be rejected.

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