A Root of Rejection & Mental Health

One of my great passions is to equip believers to live in mental and emotional health. I believe it is important that we heal, grow and experience transformation in a way that strengthens the health of our minds and hearts.

This subject hits close to home, as I have had to learn first hand how to heal and overcoming in areas of mental health. From anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and more, I am deeply passionate about seeing people overcome and regain their mental health.

I believe that mental health is not a subject left for those who are clinically diagnosed.It is a lifestyle subject we all need to be a part of. Maybe you have some battles in your thoughts that are hindering your daily life. Maybe you have a loved one who is struggling.

Either way, it’s becoming clear that we live in a culture that is showing a growing number of mental health battlegrounds.

In this episode, I want to help you realize that a root of rejection is a core issues that needs to be addressed.

Episode Broadcast:

In this episode, I talk about: 

  • Raising awareness of our need to experience greater mental health.
  • The core issue that greatly influences our level of mental health.
  • The need for us to heal in what love means.
  • How to experience healing in the power of love.

Scriptures Mentioned:

  • John 10:10
  • Romans 8:!5
  • 1 John 4:18

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