Church Transition & Finding Heart Healing Community

Today I am responding to questions about transitions that happen in church life, where friends move on from your church or you move on. What does it look like to navigate these changes? I also talk through the struggle that many experience to find genuine heart healing community. Video Broadcast: Recommended Resources:  Healing from Spiritual […]

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What is Love? (Part 3)

What is Love Part 3

In part 3 on a series addressing “What is Love?” I want to dive into a fourth key component of love. And that is the power of commitment. In the context of relationship committment, we enter into the greatest environment where we can experience and learn to give and recieve love powerfully. In committed relationship, […]

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S09 Ep15: The Aftermath: Healing After Leaving a Toxic Relationship

Toxic Relationships

Once someone has made the decision to leave a toxic relationship or organization, a new chapter of healing opens up. For most, there are areas of healing that can be addressed that were never addressed before. This season takes kindness, wisdom and patience. We pray that in our discussion, you will find encouragement, insight and […]

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