S05 Ep06: Are You Living in Performance Based Christianity?

Is your relationship with Christ one based on your performance?

Have you been taught a performance based form of Christianity?

Are you promoting performance based Christianity in your church without even knowing it?

Are you in a culture that promotes performance based Christianity?

In this episode, we take a sober look at how performance based living has infected Christianity, teaches us to evaluate our spiritual walk by what we do and how well we do it. It’s leading us into a repackaged law-based lifestyle. So many are wearing the effects of PBC in their life. It’s hurting our relationships, our families and the overall well being of the body of Christ.

Has this deception invaded the cultures you are a part of?

Masses of believers are living in a performance based relationship with God. It’s leaving them empty and unfulfilled.

Performance based Christianity is also teaching believers to chase success as a metric for feeling loved, validated and affirmed. It is a dead end trap that will lure people in, but spit them out in the end.

Our prayer is that our honest discussion will encourage you and challenge you to shed off the performance pressures you live under and receive the love God designed you to experience as His son or daughter.

Video Broadcast:

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What performance based Christianity is and how dangerous it is to your spiritual and emotional health.
  • How PBC manifests in churches and Christian cultures.
  • How to start breaking free and moving into a whole new way of living.

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