S05 Ep08: Healing Rejection in Your Relationships


If you look at all your relationship frustrations, there are usually themes that keep repeating over and over. They become the irritants that you find yourself venting about. You may find yourself saying, “Why is it that ________ always keeps happening?”  The problem is that when a rejection mindsets gets a hold of hurt in […]

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S05 Ep06: Are You Living in Performance Based Christianity?

Performance Based Christianity

Is your relationship with Christ one based on your performance? Have you been taught a performance based form of Christianity? Are you promoting performance based Christianity in your church without even knowing it? Are you in a culture that promotes performance based Christianity? In this episode, we take a sober look at how performance based […]

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How to Stop Obsessing on What People Think About You

what people think

When someone declares, “I Don’t Care What People Think,” they are often lying. Either they’re not being truthful with themselves or they are disconnected from their relational world. There is a lot of tough talk in the world, where people like to yell with a megaphone that they don’t care what people think. The louder […]

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What’s Your Relationship Filter?

Relationship Filter

Could it be possible that your relationship filter is killing your relationship potential?  Everyone has a relationship filter that we carry into our interactions. We don’t hear what is actually being said, we hear what our filter picks up. Your history of relationship interactions and how you have processed them influences what your relationship filter […]

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