S05 Ep10: Death of a Church Lady–A Conversation with Teri Miller

The church lady is dead, and in this week’s episode, I want to share with you how it happened. Teri Miller, the author of “Death of a Church Lady,” shares with me her journey of shedding off what the “church lady” meant to her and encountering truth that allowed her to live free.

Teri Miller is a writer, speaker and life group leader.  She enjoys serving her family, her friends and her home church, the Freedom Center.  Teri loves Diet Coke, going to the movies and all things shiny and sparkly. But most of all, Teri is a lifetime lover of Jesus Christ, passionate about sharing the truth of the gospel in love.

Teri has been married to Michael, “Mr. Wonderful” for over 30 years.  They live in the beautiful state of in Michigan where they enjoyed raising their three grown, amazing children Carli, Mallory and Nicholas.

I pray that you will be encouraged and strengthened by my conversation with Teri.

Video Broadcast:

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The key subject that connected us in the first place.
  • The challenges of transitioning from a church and becoming aware of spiritual abuse patterns.
  • Healing from spiritual abuse.  
  • Getting honest about what you are facing that needs healing and maturity.
  • How to engage the healing process that God lays in front of us.
  • How God works to rebuild us and establish us in our identity.
  • The importance of recognizing codependency patterns as we heal.
  • Ways we can begin receiving healing and learn to live with vulnerability.
  • How the healing process impacts parenting and relationship with your children.

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