10 Helps for OCD and Intrusive Thoughts

Healing OCD, Intrusive Thoughts

A major aspect of struggles with OCD is the influence that intrusive and unwanted thoughts can have on our thinking. These thoughts create a lot of discomfort and conflict within, usually in the form of anxiety or guilt. In today’s video, I want to share about the subject of intrusive thoughts and give you ten […]

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OCD Distortion #4: Overestimating Threats

OCD Threats

One of the big distortions that come against OCD sufferers is the intense threat that certain thoughts bring. It starts with a distorted interpretation, but it gets fed by an intense feeling of fear regarding the intensity of dangers involved if these thoughts are not immediately addressed and fixed.  They feel if they do not […]

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OCD Distortion #3: The Meaning of My Thoughts?

Meaning, Interpretation of Thoughts

This is where OCD can be very challenging. In fact, this is often where sufferers get tripped up the most. It has to do with how they interpret the thoughts that come to their mind. The meaning they attach to the thoughts is what influences them greatly. In fact, the meaning or interpretation that have […]

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10 Things You Need to Know About Toxic Agreements

Toxic Agreements

A major aspect of heart healing, freedom and transformation involves becoming aware of toxic agreements that keep your thought life limited and held in bondage. My prayer is that in becoming more aware of your thoughts, you can develop stronger self-awareness and discernment. So, as you fight the battles you come up against, you don’t […]

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