Learning to Feel Safe in Your Thoughts When By Yourself

We find ourselves alone at the beginning of the day and the end of the day, and many other times throughout the day. In these moments, we find ourselves alone in our thoughts.

How do we handle these moments?

For so many, these are the most difficult times to face, as feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, despair, intrusive thoughts and more begin to rise up. It reveals a number of things. But most of all it reveals that we are struggling to dwell safely and fruitfully within ourselves when it comes to our own thought life. We pray that our discussion will empower your relationship with yourself and your thoughts so that your moments alone can become refueling and refreshing, not just a time of unfruitful spinning.

We used the following question as a springboard for discussion: Question: “I really related to the person who asked a question about dissociation (zoning out, living in a fantasy world to avoid dealing with their pain, etc.) and your answer. I realize that I, too, am doing this A LOT. So much so, that if I took it out of my day, I’d have no idea what to think about. This is not so much the case when I’m with other people (I can be present during those times, thankfully) but more so when I’m by myself — especially when I’m falling asleep at night, because I don’t have anything to “keep busy with” then. Going to sleep and waking up both seem like really vulnerable times of day for unhealthy thoughts. I need to grow in God’s love for sure but meanwhile I feel like I need to come up with some really specific, good things to think about that don’t involve either anxiety or living in a fantasy world! If you ever wanted to say more about this, I’m sure there are a lot more people who are in the same boat.”

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