Stop Taking Your Thoughts So Seriously

You may be surprised to hear me say this, but this can be an important aspect for your healing and freedom journey when it comes to your thoughts.

It could help a whole lot if you are able to take a deep breath . . . and not take yourself or your thoughts so seriously.

We as believers have a chronic problem with being too serious. Our lives are too serious, the way we address subjects are too serious and we take our thought life too serious.

Brothers and sisters, I think it’s time for us to understand that many times in our life, we take ourselves and our thoughts way too seriously. It can be very easy, especially for Christians, to take topics so seriously, our thoughts becomes so weighty and pressurized. We lose a sense of peace, we become disconnected from love and get lost in our head, wrapped around a topic that has become distorted.

In my journey of healing and freedom, when I found myself having a day where I was really struggling, I learned over time that my pattern of taking myself too seriously was working against me. I was losing connection to the importance of relationship, the reality that God’s grace is at work in my life, that no matter what is going on, I can still embrace joy. I can laugh. I can have fun. I can be present in the moment.

I pray today’s insight will help you recalibrate your thoughts and emotions so you can reconnect to the love, joy and peace that is available for you to enjoy today.

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