These Thoughts are Not You

In my healing and freedom journey, I was seeking to figure out what to do with all these challenging thoughts that were coming my way.

  • Fearful thoughts
  • Dark thoughts
  • Anxiety ridden thoughts
  • Obsessive thoughts
  • “Crazy” thoughts

I was stumbling through my thought life asking, “How do I deal with all these thoughts that seem to scream for my attention?” It led me on a journey of learning to be gracious and compassionate in my thinking and allow for the healing journey to open up.

One concept that helped me tremendously is this: “Just because you have a thought arrive in your thinking, does NOT mean YOU ARE THAT THOUGHT or this is who you are.”

For so long I thought these thoughts were either God trying to get my attention or just my own terrible thought patterns. My thought life was under a lot of pressurized examination and I needed to learn a more empowering way. These thoughts you battle may be floating through your thinking, but they are not who you are.

Today you can let them float on by and gently redirect yourself to the narrative of God’s love and grace over your life.

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