I Address Your OCD Questions Live! #11

Join me in this OCD Live Q&A as I address the questions you have sent regarding obsessive compulsive struggles and the battles that surround the healing and freedom journey. Video Broadcast: Submit a Question OCD Help Page Mental Health Resource Page Recommended Resources:  The Heart Healing Journey God Loves Me and I Love Myself! Restoring […]

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What Influence Do Demons & Spiritual Warfare Have on OCD?

Spiritual Warfare and OCD

I receive numerous questions about the role of evil spirits, demons and spiritual warfare and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This week I received a question, asking to understand how the spiritual battles we face can impact someone who struggles with OCD. In this broadcast, I will be address the subject of spiritual warfare within the context […]

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Church Transition & Finding Heart Healing Community

Today I am responding to questions about transitions that happen in church life, where friends move on from your church or you move on. What does it look like to navigate these changes? I also talk through the struggle that many experience to find genuine heart healing community. Video Broadcast: Recommended Resources:  Healing from Spiritual […]

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I Address Your OCD Questions Live! #04

OCD Help

Today I addressed a number of questions sent in that are related to the battle of OCD. I especially addressed the role of parenting. How do you effectively parent a child that is exhibiting OCD patterns? I also talk about working through legalism that inflames religious OCD. I address the difference between conviction and the […]

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Confusion About Symbols Dreams and Signs

Today we address a question that was recently submitted regarding struggles with seeing constant symbols and signs. In the midst of our healing and freedom journey, we can look to find meaning and make sense of what we are goign through. How can we approach the subject of dreams, symbols and signs in a healthy […]

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