5 Forms of Biblical Meditation You Can Practice

As I encourage, equip and empower the mental health of my brothers and sisters, the first thing I emphasize is the power of slowing down. Within the context of slowing down, I have personally learned to appreciate the God given practice of meditation as a habit that can recalibrate my heart and mind into the peace and love of God, while learning to strengthen my mental health.

For many Christians, the thought of meditation gives them anxiety and confusion. They associate the word with new age practices or forbidden origins. So therefore, we lose sight of what we have been given, because we spend our time avoiding the counterfeit and not practicing what was designed for our benefit.

But let’s get really honest with ourselves. The truth is, I think we actually resist the practice of meditation because it actually calls us to slow down, quiet ourselves and actually work through the issues of our heart that we often avoid or feel ill equipped to work through. The truth is, we can’t sit still. We struggle to get quiet. It’s challenging. For some, it’s downright scary.

Meditation can be uncomfortable to many because it calls us to a deeper, more authentic life of the heart with God that involves facing our struggles and facing ourselves in a new way. It involves becoming more aware of your emotions and what is happening in the life of your heart, whereas many don’t even know what is going on in the life of their heart.

We may not realize that meditation is something the Bible talks about and is a blessed experience that God created. It was designed by God for our benefit, to help us strengthen, recalibrate and renew our mind and emotions.

Today, instead of focusing on all the concerns, debates or arguments Christians may have with meditation, I want to share with you 5 forms of meditation that you can practice as a believer that can benefit your spiritual and emotional life.

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