What’s Your Relationship Filter?

Could it be possible that your relationship filter is killing your relationship potential? 

Everyone has a relationship filter that we carry into our interactions. We don’t hear what is actually being said, we hear what our filter picks up. Your history of relationship interactions and how you have processed them influences what your relationship filter will be like. 

When you have been hurt in relationships, rejection comes in to cloud your filter, so that you cannot see things in a healthy manner. Rejection distorts how you hear and listen. It can even teach you to see things that are not even there.

In the process, many people reject others before they are rejected, as a way of protecting themselves. A negative story gets placed on other people, to keep them at a distance.

The biggest danger of a rejection filter is that you can believe that you know everyone’s motives. You’ll end up judging yourself by your best intentions and others by their worst motives.

Some questions we need to ask: 

  • What is my relationship filter? Is it disempowering my relationship interactions?
  • What’s the story I am placing on others? Do I feel like I know the motives of other people?
  • Am I living with major walls, where people cannot have access to my heart?
  • Do I need to allow God to heal my relationship filter?

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