S05 Ep02: Getting to the Root of Your Battlegrounds

We often spend a lot of time and energy chasing symptoms, exhausting ourselves, when we have the opportunity in life to get to the root system of the battle. Could it be that you haven’t experienced freedom because you have not had the chance to get to the root issue?

In this week’s episode, we want to encourage you to get to the root of the battles you face. From addictions, to mental health and relationship battles, we want to dig up the root system and show how a rejection root can be at the core of the battle.

A root of rejection is an issue that needs discernment. We want to help you gain discernment around the issues of the heart that need healing and wholeness. We will briefly discuss how rejection can be at the root system of:

  • Our daily battles in trying to live perfect, live bound in perfectionism.
  • Inner conflicts, where you feel like you never are able to receive God’s love.
  • Relationship drama, hurts and repeated patterns of relationship struggles.
  • Mental health battles, including anxiety, depression, bipolar, OCD and more.
  • Constant limitations and the repeating of them.

The good news is that God can help you get to the root and experience healing. Rejection is usually at the root. We want to help you experience healing and freedom over the rejection mindsets that seek to separate you from and distort the power of God’s love.

Video Broadcast:

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • What keeps us from getting to the root problem.
  • What’s at the root system of our brokenness.
  • Discerning how rejection fuels various battlegrounds that we all face today.

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