What is Conviction?

What is conviction?

The Holy Spirit convicted me. I feel conviction on this issue. What is conviction and are we really listening to it? Or are we listening to condemnation? It has become clear to me that a large percentage of believers confuse condemning promptings as God’s correction or conviction. Some have even been trained to believe that […]

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7 Reasons Condemnation is Not of God


If you were to imagine your enemy as an army coming against you, the front-line attack is accusation. It’s the infantry of satan’s work, one that he takes on personally. His name speaks of being an accuser.  No one will live a fruitful life while sitting under thoughts that accuse, condemn and shame. But be […]

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S07 Ep13: Addressing Your Questions on Fear-Based Preaching, Guilt and Legalism

Today I addressed your questions on breaking free from fear based teaching, guilt and legalism as we continue to equip you to turn fear into your greatest victories. In this recording of a live broadcast, I also addressed a number of additional questions that involve fear, legalism, healing from trauma and being led by the […]

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Overcoming Condemnation

A great privilege as a believer is the journey of growing with God from glory to glory. At each stage we mature and become more like Christ, while removing who we are not to be in Christ. This daily transformation journey is immersed in the power of God’s grace. Grace is God’s operating power. It is […]

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