The Biblical Importance of Living SOBER

When we think of the word “sober,” we often equate it solely with describing a person who has substance abuse issues, specifically alcohol. We think of sobriety only from a view of someone who is not drunk or intoxicated.

But from a biblical perspective, there is so much more to what living sober means. Sobriety has a lot to do with being calm, alert, watchful, awake and aware. It is the position we need to maintain as we walk our daily journey and fight through the battles we face.

Yet many thought patterns we live in take us out of sobriety on rabbit trails that distract us from what we need to see. Some lose their sobriety by living in denial, avoidance, defensiveness and pride. While others have their sobriety stolen by obsessions, despair, catastrophizing and hopelessness.

Today, I want to bring a call of sobriety, so we can see our lives the way we need to see them and take effective steps in our daily battles. I will define biblical sobriety and help you to take it back for your mental, emotional and spiritual effectiveness.

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